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Our Crew

I think this pretty much sums up what cool Camping Place is about and what we stand for. Peace.

What would we try to do with our lives? Its nuts thinking about how much this shred thing has affected our lives, seriously dude, what would we be talking about without our love for shredding, trying to make a shit load of money? But to do what with? Buy a big house and a fast car? I just think that shredding puts a lot of things in perspective like some of the best things in life aren’t hard to obtain if you want it for the right reason, I just think its so badass that we know what fuels us and we know what truly makes us happy and we can live this life, its just a matter of choice, people could see us as bums or losers cause we’re not making a lot of money, which seems to be the most important thing in our society, I dunno dude, I guess what im trying to say is we’re really lucky to have this shred thing cause I feel like all the rest don’t have anything like that and don’t really know what to want other than a job that pays a lot no matter how shitty and time consuming the job is, it’s a trip to think about how we’re just humans living on planet earth and we do this thing we call shredding and we love it, we think it’s the most badass thing that exists, we think about it everyday, we want to do it every chance we get, it really is apart of us, we really do have something that very few have, a passion, something we love, something we pursue, we wont ever change, we are shredders for life, lets all be thankful for the shred in our lives and thank God that we have something that we really do love.!

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